WHAT IS "Open Stage Fridays"?
Open Stage Fridays is a kinda open mic style intimate music event but with pre-registered artists at TERRA COTTA ATL, indie artists perform live to an audience of music lovers in a cozy atmosphere with an artsy ambiance. Artists are encouraged to 'BYOM' if they want to perform their original music (Bring Your Own Musician or Be Your Own Musician). However, we do have a 3 piece house band for covers, simple originals and freestyles. It's all about live music, live energy, no recorded tracks. If you want to host your own exclusive show, email us at terracottaatl@gmail.com

So come one, come all every 1st Friday of the month, rsvp at terracottaopenstagefridays.eventbrite.com 

There will be free refreshments & tips are welcome.Hope to see you there ;)

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Looking to learn and speak Yorùbá? At beginners/basic or intermediate level? Terra Cotta’s Yorùbá classes are for you! You will be able to effectively communicate in basic Yorùbá to family and/or friends. The course will be taught in English and Yoruba by a seasoned native speaker, journalist and educator, Mr Bamidele. The beginners’ course is intended for anyone who wants to acquire some knowledge of the Yorùbá language or wants to develop speaking, reading, and writing skills of the Yorùbá people. The classes will focus on basic aspects such as greetings, self-expression, everyday activities such as going to the store, personal hygiene etc. At the end of the classes, a good student should be able to speak a reasonable amount of basic conversational Yorùbá and understand a reasonable amount of elementary Yorùbá when it is spoken to him/her.

(Early registration Spring Special - Free Bonus Hour of Class = 13 hours)

8 weeks programming = 12 hours = 1.5 hours a week. $37.50/week. ($25 p/h, $20 p/h for groups of 4 or more, 5% discount if paid in full)

Spring Dates – March 4 – April 22, 2017

summer/fall dates - contact us if interested

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Music Mondays                            DJ Spins 


Tosinger on Tuesdays


Beautiful Afro Soul, Folk and Jazz  Live Music & Storytelling featuring Tosinger



Wednesday Wind-down


Relaxation. Music. Entertainment

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Thursdays @ The Village Square


African Games, Karaoke, Comedy, Get-Togethers, Film viewings,  Round Table Discussions and all sorts of Entertainment.  Take time off social media to experience real life human energy.

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Artist Fridays


Artist Feature Nights

Open Mics/Open Stage Fridays

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YORUBA LANGUAGE CLASSES 3PM TO 4.30PM. Begins March 4, 2017

Space Available For Rent for Private Events - Workshops, Soirees, Book Launches, Meetings etc